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I'M just fun outgoing and I love to laugh so i clown all day cuz i gotta be serious most the time. I have a full time job as an assistant manager at a title loan company an i work part times as a managers correspondent at Guest , I Sell cookie lee jewelry, graduated with my associates in business management going back to school to be a dental hygienist. Love to write music and just kick it good thing i have amazing friends and fam to keep me focused
Music: dj throw events and i like almost everything...
TV: bill maher, tosh.O, jersey shore
Books: 48 Laws of power
Sports: i do it all
Interests: shoot me a msg otherwise my interests will cover my whole pg
Movies: to many movies to name
BestFeatures: MY BRAIN? ASS & LIPS lol
Dreams: i wan't to do something big i feel i have a gift i try to help ppl and i take initiative i started the imagination foundation and thing's are falling into place

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