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I love working out, there's always room for improvement on one's physic. Reading magz, poetry history and what not. I love my mom, she's my creator so I call her GOD. I'm also interested in all sports (big New England fan) Celtics, Red Sox Patriots the whole 9 lol. Women is a must; smart, good looking, ambitious, down to earth but none of that cocky shit. You gotta be open to everything to fully enjoy life and what it has to bring...
HighSchool: Freeport High School
College: Katharine Gibbs School-Melville
JuniorHighSchool: John W Dodd Junior High School
ElementarySchool: Caroline G Atkinson School
Music: All music (not even gonna name any because I listen to everything)
TV: Everybody does love Ramon lol, Family Guy is hilarious, That 70's Show, MSNB, CNN, FOX...news in general because if you don't revolve around the world, the world will revolve around you and you'll miss out on a lot, trust me...
Sports: Big New England fan: Celtics, Patriots and BoSox...Mets are cool but not really a team to lean on because they always end up falling @ the last minute
Interests: Working out, cars, clothes, women, video game (just to escape from reality @ times lol), hanging with the goonz haha, not a big drinker but love Patron, Grey Goose and Coors Light!...

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